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The Jeep Guy

The Jeep Guy is a local jeep shop in Utah. It started in our small home garage in 2012, brought to life with our passion and love for jeeps and jeeping. 

Zach (aka The Jeep Guy) has been building and wheeling jeeps for almost 3 decades now. He has owned different jeeps throughout his life and has a crazy passion to rescue and own at least one of every jeep ever made. His amazing skills and experience in jeeping, and knowledge and passion about jeeps, made him a respected and admired jeeper in the jeep community. 

Our family currently have 30+ jeeps, most of which you can see at our shop and at The Jeep Guy Museum.

Some of the jeeps we have are:

2021 JLUR 392

2021 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

2020 Gladiator (Gobione)

2015 JK (Strech)

1989 Wrangler Laredo
1985 CJ-10a (Air Force)

1984 Postal Scrambler
1983 Wagoneer Brougham

1982 Scrambler

1981 J10 Stepside Honcho

1980 CJ-5 Golden Eagle
1979 Cherokee Golden Eagle
1978 Wagoneer
1977 J10 (Air Force)

1974 DJ-5

1971 Jeepster Commando

1969 M-715
1962 Mighty Mite

1961 Willys Wagon
1961 Hotchkiss M201

1960 CJ-5

1959 FC-170

1957 FC-150

1957 Willys V-nose truck

1956 Willys V-nose truck

1954 CJ-3B

1953 CJ-3B

1953 M38-A1

1953 M38-A1 (Arctic)
1952 M38
1950 M38

1949 CJ-3A

1948 CJ-2A
1948 Jeepster

1946 CJ-2A

1945 Willys MB
1944 Willys MB

The Jeep Guy - family

We're having a website relaunch in a few weeks! We'll have events & trail rides and a special holiday package for our Jeep museum too. Stay tuned!